Common Misconceptions

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There are some common misconceptions about mormon underwear. Here are three that have circulated around the internet with an explanation.

Misconception Explanation
Mormon underwear has knee protectors and nipple protectors. Mormon garments do not have knee protectors, or any other type of protectors. Members of the LDS church who are engaged in activities requiring physical protectors of any sort would have to use them just like anyone else (LDS women still wear bras just like other women).
You have to wear mormon underwear for life. Since mormon garments serve as a reminder of promises made in the temple, members of the church choose to wear them at all times when it is appropriate. If they didn't, it wouldn't serve as a very good reminder! Obviously at times when you wouldn't wear normal underwear (such as bathing or swimming) mormons wouldn't wear their garments either.
Mormon underwear helps to discipline young boys against masturbation.

First of all, young boys wouldn't be wearing garments. Garments are only worn after attending the temple which happens as an adult (see FAQs). In addition, while mormons believe that masturbation is not an appropriate activity, they learn this in their church classes, not through their underwear.


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