Mormon Underwear FAQs

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What is so secret about mormon underwear?

Submitted by: Sam, Denver, CO

Sam, many people confuse the words "secret" and "sacred". While something that is secret is hidden from the world, something that is sacred means that is special or has some religious significance. Mormon garments (underwear) aren't secret. You can ask any mormon missionary or member of the LDS church about them. They are, however, sacred. They remind members of the church that they have chosen to be obedient to the commandments of the Lord.


What other religions have special clothing?

Submitted by: anonymous

There are many other religions, other than mormonism, that have religious clothing. Perhaps the most well-known example is the yarmulke, which is worn at special times by Jewish men or at all times by devout orthodox Jews. Priests in the Catholic church wear special collars to show their role. Catholic nuns may also wear special clothing that signifies the religious order to which they belong. In all cases the special clothing reflects the religious conviction of the wearer.


Where do mormon garments come from?

Submitted by: Karen, Boston, MA

Garments are made at LDS church clothing centers. They are then made available to members of the mormon church through distribution centers. Church distribution centers sell scriptures, pictures of Jesus Christ, videos about the gospel, hymn books, and many other church supplies, as well as garments. Some websites claim to sell garments as well, but unless they are official church sites, it's usually a hoax.


When do mormon start wearing garments?

Submitted by: Craig, Provo, UT

Members of the mormon (LDS) church begin wearing garments after they have attended a special service in the temple. During this service, members of the church promise to live a righteous life. The garment reminds them of the promise they have made even when they are not in the temple.